TeenTech Live Comes to Lancashire – Book Your Place Now! 

TeenTech Live are coming to Lancashire with an exciting five-week programme of Innovation sessions and TeenTech City of Tomorrow events!

TeenTech Live aims to bring the exciting world of science and technology to your school. With the sessions hosted by well-known science and technology reporters, you can expect fun and engaging interactive sessions that help young people understand more about careers and the way new technology is shaping all aspects of our lives.

TeenTech Innovation aims to bring the digital, scientific and engineering world to life for students aged 11-19. Students attending can expect to learn about the emerging opportunities, different entry points, the technical and personal skills which will carry you further. TeenTech City of Tomorrow invites students aged 8-13 to design ideas for the safer, smarter, kinder City of Tomorrow. Students will learn how physical spaces, health, education, sport and entertainment can provide better experiences for everyone, including how they may play a part in the inclusive, digitally connected, city of the future.

The sessions for the event are as follows:

Innovation: Space (Wednesday 20th January 2021)

Innovation: Animation (Friday 22nd January 2021)

Innovation: Health (Wednesday 27th January 2021)

Innovation: Future Technology (Friday 29th January 2021)

City of Tomorrow (Tuesday 19th January 2021)

City of Tomorrow (Tuesday 26th January 2021)

To attend the sessions above, all you have to do is sign up here.

There will be a Showcase event where the hardwork of the students will be celebrated, following the five weeks of fun and interactive sessions!

For any more information, you can also view the TeenTech flyer here.

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