On this page, you’ll find all the resources needed to deliver Future U’s Pillars of Growth session on Advanced Manufacturing.

You’ll find the lesson plan and slides as well as additional materials needed to complete the “Project Management” task.

Once you have delivered this session, please complete the Feedback forms at the bottom of this page. The links are also in the final slide of the PowerPoint.

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Lesson Plan

The lesson plan below outlines the suggested timings and stated aims of the session.

PowerPoint Slides

Please download the slides below to deliver the Pillars of Growth: Advanced Manufacturing session.

There are 3 versions available – a PowerPoint and a video with recordings of the Future U team delivering each slide, and a PowerPoint without recordings.

Both PowerPoint versions have notes and links on each slide to support the delivery.

Project Management Task

The main task in this session is to complete a “Project Management” task, which requires learners to work in groups to fulfil an order for multiple jets with the winner being the team with the highest profit.

Learners will produce the jets using a template, foam and scissors and must also complete a fully costed finance sheet. Facilitators will be able to impose fines on the groups based on the quality of the production and how the group work as a team.

Ideally, the learners will work in even groups to ensure each group has an equal chance to win. Groups of 4 would work best.

Here you can download the Student Finance sheet, Facilitator Finance/Instruction sheet and spare copies of the Jet templates and Fine sheets.


If you have delivered this session, please let the Future U team know by completing the feedback forms.

There are two links, one for facilitators and one for learners.

Facilitators – please complete the short form to inform Future U who this session was delivered to.

Learners – if there is internet access and devices available to learners, please have them complete feedback forms following the learner link. Alternatively, the forms could be emailed to learners.

Risk Assessments

If you have any questions or want advice you can get in touch.

If you have any questions or want advice you can get in touch.

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